Nature and Landscape photography ✢  Film based picture making ✢ Darkroom printing

About the photographer

I am an amateur photographer making pictures entirely for the sake of my own pleasure.

I think there are three aspects of photography caching my interest:

First; to stay in forest, land and by waters searching for motifs that capture the features of our nature. Sometimes I seek for dramatic scenes, but just as often for harmony and more quiet scenes.

Second; to create pictures and make prints hands-on. This is one of my reasons for using traditional processes and analog film. I develop all negatives myself and spend great effort trying to learn the art of printing in the darkroom – to paint with light.

Third; to devote myself into technical details by reading-up on variuos matters and learning to put them into practice. For example how to handele a view camera, how to selecting appropriate film and develop it correctly, how to find the best printing technique to suit a particular negative, etc.


Large Format:

  • Wista Field 45DX - field camera for 4x5" sheet film

Medium Format:

  • Pentax 67ii
  • Zenza Bronica ETRSi
  • Zeiss Ikon - Ikonta M


  • Equipment to develop B&W film; sheet and roll
  • Durst Laborator 1200 - enlarger for printing negatives up to size 4x5"
  • LPL 7700MX - enlarger for printing negatives up to size 6x7cm
  • Baryta based papers
  • Equipment for finishing; retouch, mounting and framing

Price list

First hand I make pictures for my own amusement. All prints are made in the traditional darkroom and mostly on baryta based paper at sizes 40x30cm (16x12") or 30x24cm (12x9.5"). To print in the darkroom is a craft requiring time and patience; the editions are small and due to the somewhat unpredictable nature of the process each print is unique. If there is interest in a particular print, please contact me for an inquiry.

Internet (medlemssida)



For inquiries or more information about my photography etc, please contact me through mail.

Best regards